About Krakaos

Krakaos is a one man team ( Laurent Robin) from France living in Germany born in 1971.
Is working with the music industry and several record labels since 2005. 
Create and imagine for you Websites, Phones applications, Skins, Banners, T-Shirts, CD/DVD Covers, Screensavers, illustrations, videos.

Programmer ABAP, PHP, HTML, CSS.

Image Editing:
Using Photoshop since 1998 on the highest level Krakaos is able to create or modify anything.

Projects from the past:

Trivium (Skining and Website administration from 2007 to 2014)
Slipknot (Myspace page)
Madonna (Screensavers and banners)
Genesis (Screensavers and banners)
AC/DC (Banners, new album web promotion tools)
Larry The Cable Guy (Website)
Rolling Stones's Keith Richards (Myspace page)